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  1. Amanda
    June 20, 2011

    I did all of the locks in our kiddos room that way they couldn’t get into anything or hurt themselves. They both loved playing at first, but that ends after a few weeks. We just stuck to our routine and if they got out of bed we put them back in and said it was nap or bedtime and it eventually worked.

    • janice
      June 20, 2011

      Great to know Amanda!

  2. Alyssa
    June 20, 2011

    What a great post! We have twins also and even though we have 3 older kids then the twins and I have done the transition from crib to bed before how to do it with twins in the same room will certainly be different! Our twins are also boy/girl and will be 2 in Nov. Although I am sure it will be our son that doesn’t want to stay put. Ellie lays down and sucks her thumb and stays quiet even if she is still awake. Eli occassionally screams bloody murder for two mins the falls asleep. Oddly enough middle of the night and early morning screams drom him do not wake Ellie.

    • janice
      June 20, 2011

      It’s definitely a process Alyssa! Best of luck when you transition. Our twins are 8 mos apart! :-) I think we have similar kiddos but my quite thumb sucker is my son.

  3. Jeff King
    July 1, 2011

    I believe that the transition of baby furniture from the crib to the toddler bed can be stressful for both parents and child. With patience and time, I do believe that you will accomplish the task sooner than later.

  4. gayle
    March 24, 2012

    Today was our big day. My Twin girls are 3 and 3 months old. Nap time didnt work at all, they didnt sleep and tonight they switched beds.
    Did that happen with anyone else.
    Do we just leave them in the others bed?

    • janice
      March 24, 2012

      When mine were first transitioning I let them sleep wherever they went to sleep. With DS it was often on the floor. As long as they sleep, I say let them switch beds!
      Once they decided not to let each other sleep, that’s when I had to put them in separate rooms. I hope your girls settle down nicely soon!

  5. Jennifer
    July 12, 2012

    I have 18 moth old boys who decided to jump out not climb out of their cribs 1 week ago today. I made the trasition to toddler beds that day. My experiences are similar but I am taking the approach that if nobody is crying due to being hurt (of course, their room is the safest and they can’t get out) I am not going in. It is still taking about an hour for them to calm down,they are not crying, for their nap but only a half hour for bed time. I also don’t stress if they sleep on the floor, together, etc. I figure they need to learn how to fall asleep on their own. I just wonder how long this phase will last before they get bored with it and just go to sleep? Anybody know?

  6. kat
    September 28, 2012

    i have boy and girl twins that are probably going to have to transition to toddler beds soon. i was googling about this and came across your site! my boy and girl twins sound so much like yours were at that time. my son will suck his thumb and fall asleep as soon as i put him down for bedtime (naptime is a different story), but my daughter does NOT want to go to bed. i can’t comfort her until she sleeps because she refuses to sleep when i’m around (they haven’t fallen asleep with me since they were newborns – they are just hyper kids) and wants to play. no matter how quiet or calm i am! so i’ve been doing the cry it out method for geez…over a year now and she will cry EVERY SINGLE NIGHT before bed and EVERY SINGLE DAY before nap time (they have to nap in separate rooms or they will NOT nap – or my son will wake my daughter because he just takes much shorter naps than her). the amount of time varies, but rarely ever is there a night where she doesn’t scream. so i was just imagining what it’s going to be like when we try to transition them to toddler beds. reading your post was helpful and encouraging. i’m sure it will happen eventually, just not sure how much hair i will lose in the process. thanks for posting! :)

    • janice
      September 29, 2012

      Best of luck Kat!

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