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Oh what a learning process blogging has been! I love to post pictures of products or relevant images when I am blogging. It makes the post so much more attractive. Learning how to properly post pictures has been a learning process. I take my own pictures when I can but there are times when I have done a google search for an image. This is not such a terrible thing as long as you share a link to where the photo originated from. Well…. I didn’t know that at first. So here is my public apology to anyone that I ever used a picture of and didn’t source properly. I noticed this could be a problem recently when on Pinterest  after seeing the photo of boiling diapers that I got from google images. I recently posted a caption with the source url under it so that when someone visits the site of the pin, they will be able to see where the pic originated from. Whew! It will take some time and effort to go back through any old photos and find their homes!

What does this have to do with Pinterest? Well, a friend recently sent me THIS very sobering post about the issues bloggers may encounter when photos are pinned. If someone saves the image and then pins it as their own, there is no link back to the original artist or creator. Not cool. So, while you are on Pinterest, if you care for the effort that those amazing artists and creators have put into sharing their love and inspiration, verify that your pin is linked to the original post. You can’t always be guaranteed that it will be the true original post, but all you can do is try. I love the idea of Pinterest but there is some work to be done to make sure the original poster is given credit.

How, as a blogger or poster of pictures on any online forum, can you keep your photos from being claimed by someone else? The watermark. You have seen it before, that annoying verbiage or logo right smack in the middle of the photo you love. Yes, watermarks are kind of annoying but photography is an art (and my photos may prove just how true this is since I’m using my iPhone) and should be respected. In order to maintain a source, watermark your photos.

How? I thought it was going to be this long involved process. It’s not. I searched for “free watermarking programs for mac” on my search engine and came up with Star Watermark. I downloaded their free version for mac in seconds, watched the youtube tutorial which was all of 7 minutes, and tada! I can now watermark any and all photos with ease. If you have your Flicker account or any other photo uploading program like Snapfish, you need to either water mark your photos or set your profile settings to private. When researching for this post I found tons of family/personal pics posted up on these sites (and even in google images) for anyone to see and use.

So, while Pinterest is a wonderful addiction inspiration, use your inspiration wielding powers for good! Share inspiration with others and give the creators a pat on the back by visiting their link and verifying the source. Thank you for helping me to learn this craft-o-blog. I love having someone to write for, share with, and I really love your input too. If you have comments that you believe might improve my blog, have a topic you would like me to write about, or have a topic you are passionate about and want to write a guest blog, please contact me by commenting on this post, by email or on Facebook!

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