Prizes from our Great Cloth Diaper Change sponsors!


We have been working our tails off to make this event awesome! It is paying off friends! I wanted to give you an update as to what our Ventura County Great Cloth Diaper Change is looking like! I have been overwhelmed with all of the support and donations we have gotten from the local community! The Great Cloth Diaper Change is nearing and I want to make sure all of you who want to participate can! If you don’t currently use cloth diapers and you would like to participate, email me and I will reserve a cloth diaper for you to use at our event.

The first 50 participants to arrive will get a swag bag full of goodies! If we get more than 50 pre-registrations we will work as hard as we can to get more swag bags made for the event. In order for us to supply you all with swag goodies, it is important for you to preregister. That however, is not the only incentive to preregister! The Ventura County Great Cloth Diaper Change will be having some pretty awesome giveaways for participants. Every participant will be given a certain number of “raffle” tickets so that they may choose the prizes they most want to win. All preregistered participants will receive an extra ticket to increase their chances of winning! So preregister HERE now to help make sure everyone gets some great free stuff!

Prizes include:

A Lactating Mother’s basket full of wonderful supplies from Lassen’s

A basket of baby care supplies like lotion and shampoo from Lassen’s

Coconut oil (great for diaper rash cream) from Trader Joe’s

A baby carrier cover from Baby Bella Maya

A $25 Gift Certificate & 2 beanie baby bears from Kids Club in the Jann’s Shopping Center

Burn balm (great for healing ammonia burns) from Blue Jasmine Acupuncture and Herbs

Diaper Balm and Hand Sanitizer from The Balm

Detergent from Eco Sprouts

Detergent from Eco Nuts

A large wet bag from Incredibum

A Fuzzi Bunz Elite Cloth is Cool Diaper from Sandbox Lane

A Boba baby carrier and baby wearing evaluation from HipMommy

A Boba pack from Boba

A doTERRA trio kit of essential oils from Jenna & Damian Fante

A cloth diaper from Ana of Lollipop Baby

The book, Changing Diapers: The Hip Mom’s Guide To Modern Cloth Diapering from :-)

And we’re working on more! If you want to increase your chances of winning these prizes, preregister now! All participants will leave with some goodies!

We are still looking for some volunteers. We need a couple people to volunteer as witnesses so that we can abide by Guinness rules. Guinness witnesses may not receive anything in return for their help and may not be participating in the event. If you or anyone you know is not affiliated with this event, doesn’t typically associate with me, and is willing to donate their Saturday morning, we would love to hear from you/them! Comment on this post or email me for information on sponsoring this event or donating your time to help.

If you are looking for a Great Cloth Diaper Change Event near you click HERE. As of right now, the closest locations near Ventura County are Anaheim to the south and San Louis Obispo to the north.

We have many more sponsors that have donated to the swag bags and lots of vendors that will be at our event to show you their latest and greatest items and services! We will have limited refreshments, and a FREE Kindermusik class after the change is over. Bring your unwanted cloth diapers to swap with others or donate to a needy family!

We hope to see you there!

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  1. Christie D. says:

    I just wanted to confirm that I’m preregistered. I’m so excited to participate!

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