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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and many people are doing what they can to raise awareness, raise money for research, and to help prevent breast cancer. I would love for this month to be “cancer awareness month” but I suppose it would be technically difficult with such a broad scope of subject. When we focus on prevention as key, it’s much easier to have our sites set on cancer in general because we can actually point our fingers at many cancer causing agents.

I suppose I’m a bit more diligent than your average Joe about what my family eats and is exposed to. Some might even ask “Why is Janice on such a toxic chemical kick? What’s the big deal?”

The big deal is this. I’ve been fighting to get truly healthy for years. I take one step forward to find that 3 other things I’m doing may be effecting not only my health but the genetics I have passed onto my kids. I find it offensive that so many agencies created “to protect us” aren’t doing their job. Our health care practitioners aren’t educated on diet or prevention like they should be. (Do you think one nutrition class does the trick?) Our pharmaceutical companies are pumping out meds that put bandaids on one aspect of an issue while not only creating “side effects” but polluting our ground water with these medications. And then there are the laboratories pumping out “new and improved” chemicals to make our lives “easier”. Funny, I don’t think getting cancer from your chemicals made my life much easier…

I wonder…. if there were a label on teflon coated products that stated “This pan will make your pancakes and eggs flip beautifully but it could also cause headache, chills, backache, and fever in humans and may kill your pet bird.” would you choose to take that extra minute to scrub your pan? Would you wonder what else the chemicals your non-stick pan are doing to your cells?

I grew up thinking, well I’m going to die of cancer – it’s just a matter or what kind. WTF? Why would a highschool or college age student have that kind of mentality? I’ve been exposed to too much illness.

Father – continues to survive esophageal cancer

Grandfathers – Heart Disease, Lung Cancer -> Brain Cancer

Grandmother – Alzheimers, Diabetes

Uncles – Colon Cancer, Lung Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Prostate Cancer, Kidney Failure

Aunts – (some surviving) Breast Cancer, Alzheimers, Cervical Cancer, Toxic Shock Syndrome

Cousins – Surviving Melanoma and Breast Cancer

So this is my fight. All these hormone disrupting chemicals that are in plastics that are contributing to fertility issues, cancers, and more can be eradicated. I’m not saying these chemicals are directly related to all of the cancer in my family. I am suggesting that we would have much less cancer if we weren’t surrounded by so many toxic chemicals. Unfortunately, it looks like it is up to the American public to tell our government that we want these things stopped. We are passing altered genes down to our children just like our parents passed them down to us. Our bodies are being altered by these chemicals. Not altered as in “that wine left me pretty altered last night!”, altered as in our cells will never be the same.

What the heck do I do with THAT JANICE?!? Start preventing in your own life!

Check out Safer Chemicals Healthy Families HERE to learn more about the fight against toxic chemicals!

Visit Moms Clean Air Force HERE to learn how you can join the fight to clean up the air we all breathe!

My friend Beth Terry wrote a book called “Plastic Free. How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too.” I’m reading it and can’t wait to review it for you! She gives lots of practical advice on how to decrease your exposure.

Check out the Prevention is Power Facebook page and check out more about prevention at the Breast Cancer Funds page HERE. Tweet about breast cancer prevention using the hashtag #preventionispower.

This TED talk is by a fellow activists Penelope Jagessar Chaffer and Tyrone Haves. Penelope is behind the movie “Toxic Baby”. Prevention starts with knowledge!

Look into the common toxic chemicals in your daily products like shampoo, conditioner, soap, hand sanitizer and use a non toxic version. And stay tuned. I’ll link you up to some wonderful resources!

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2 Responses to “Why I’m detoxifying our life”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Janice. So much of the burden falls to parents because companies and the government refuse to do even just the minimum to get toxins out of our children’s lives. It’s so frustrating.

  2. Alexandra says:

    I became an activist against toxic chemicals in the environment when my first grandchild was born. I loved this sentence: “I find it offensive that so many agencies created ‘to protect us’ aren’t doing their job.’ I agree. That list must include the White House. When the EPA wanted to list BPA as a chemical of concern, the EPA gave up because of the White House, according to media reports. You neglected to mention reform of the laws that govern toxic chemicals. A compromise was reached, right before Senator Lautenberg died, but the new bill does not go far enough and will trump the legislation to protect us already voted in some states, like MA where I live. To understand the mentality of those who oppose regulation, read The Polluters. It is a tough read, but you understand how the mentality of “anything goes to make a profit” became working policy after the last World War. I write a blog on a different subject, but post about toxic chemicals whenever possible. Here on Cape Cod, the utility company wants to spray five herbicides under the power lines. These toxic chemicals will filter down into our water. I am going to a protest today. This is all we can do. Share our knowledge, stand up to the polluters, write letters to the editor. Across the nation, people are beginning to wake up. Slow Death By Rubber Duck and Our Stolen Future are books I recommend. A friend told me about your post. Word does get around. Keep it up!

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