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I am a wife, a mother of twins, a cloth diapering advocate, and a registered nurse. Sometimes I think being a mom would be easier if I wasn’t a nurse because I know a little bit too much for my own good. It is, however, also a blessing.

I went to college in Northern California and graduated with a BA in Philosophy. After living in the “working world” for a while I decided that what I was doing just didn’t make me happy – I didn’t feel I was making a difference in the world. I moved back to Southern California (where I was born & raised) and went to school to become a nurse.

After graduating from nursing school I went to work in a wonderful Labor & Delivery unit. Throughout school I had worked on a Medical/Surgical Unit as well as the Intensive & Cardiac Care Unit as a nurse’s aid. I have always loved pregnancy and its  wondrous process and was drawn to helping the laboring women in her journey to motherhood.

I got to be part of an amazing process for so many women! For over two years I helped women meet their babies.  Labor & Delivery is full of 12 hour shifts, irregular lunch breaks, schedule fluctuations, and constant stresses of monitoring babies in utero. Thank your L&D nurse! She is amazing! (Ok, there are times when no one is in labor. That was a relaxing time to work.) Unfortunately, these L&D stresses caused an increase in the intensity and frequency of my already chronic migraines. My migraine doctor (Neurologist – specializing in headache) recommended that I take on a less stressful job with regular hours. This ironically led to my working at his wonderful little headache clinic.

After working as a nurse for four years, and getting my migraines under control, my husband and I decided to start a family. I warned him to be prepared for twins! They were a possibility! (My mother was a fraternal twin) So, once my husband and I found out we were pregnant, the running joke was “lets just see how many heartbeats there are…” While, yes, it was completely overwhelming to find out we were having twins, it was also an amazing blessing. Wow. Our perfect little family, one boy, one girl, all in one pregnancy. How lucky are we?

After the babies were 6-8 weeks I started thinking… (it is possible to take that literally – baby brain is real people!) Why didn’t someone tell me “this” or “that”. There were all kinds of little helpful hints that even the books I read didn’t tell me. So my goal here is to tell you those things! I will share all the things I wish I had known, give my personal recommendation on products I love, and share tid bits in general about how I have made life with twins work for me. If you don’t have twins, don’t worry! This blog will still be very helpful to you, or at least, that is the goal. If you do find it helpful, please pass the blog address along to friends and family who might benefit from it.

Recently I have added an important page to the blog! I received my accreditation from the Real Diaper Association as a Cloth Diaper Circle Leader and I will announce local meetings and workshops that I will host on this page. Please feel free to contact me about any cloth diapering questions. While I know I don’t have ALL the answers, I have access to many other circle leaders at the RDA and accumulatively, I’m confident that we can help you solve any problem you may come across.

Please note that while I am a nurse, I am not YOUR healthcare professional. Nothing in this blog is intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor. If something I say sparks an interest, please discuss it with your doctor. And if your doctor doesn’t answer all your questions or share your values (for example, an openness to homeopathic treatments, etc) look around for another doctor. Doctors are people too and when it comes to your care and your children’s care, it is important that you are comfortable sharing your concerns with him/her.

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8 Responses to “About Momma”

  1. Neely Coons says:

    Hi, I’ve found your stuff pretty helpful but you can improve it by answering my question – )) I am 5 months pregnant with my 1st child and I am experiencing headaches almost every other day. I seem to can not get rid of it!! I Need Help!!!!!!

    • janice says:

      Unfortunately many women get headache with pregnancy. The most important thing I can tell you is to drink lots of water to stay hydrated. One of the most common cause of headache is dehydration. This might be especially difficult during pregnancy because your blood volume is increasing and you need even more water to stay hydrated. It is made even more difficult due to the fact that your bladder has increased pressure on it and, as i’m sure you know, you have to go to the bathroom ALL THE TIME!
      I wish I had a miracle pill that would make it all go away. I have had lots of success with acupuncture. Is that something you might try? If you still have regular headache by your third trimester talk to your OBGYN about any medications that might be allowed. Before that Tylenol is the only medication my OB would allow. Of course the best course of action is no medication.
      Sorry I couldn’t be more help. I feel your pain!

  2. Hello janice. Just to help this lady along a little more. I am a registered homeopath in london. I would suggests she finds some help to support these symptoms she can mail me at the above address.. this is certainly a condition we hear of within our clinic on a regular basis. Regard
    Maria Ann Briscoe
    Willows complementary centre
    London UK

  3. Jenny Elliott says:

    I was wondering if you could help me spread the word about a Triple Stroller that I am selling, as my children have outgrown it. I have made a simple flyer image that can be posted on your blog. It is in excellent condition. I am in Ventura, CA. Please let me know. Thanks

    • janice says:

      Jenny, I’m not sure my blog would be a great place to sell it but I can email the flyer to my twins group and give you a facebook group that you may want to join (they sell and trade used kids stuff in Ventura County). Send me your flyer to :-)

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  5. Mike Fessler says:

    Hi Janice, The Liquid Crystal Rock is a form of aluminum. We had a gemologist test several of these types of deodorants and the results showed the presence of aluminum. In another study these deodorant induced more DNA damage in Canine Cells than antiperspirants. Aluminum is neurotoxic and has been implicated in the etiology of neurodegenerative disorders. There are only cosmetic claims for using these products and many scientist studying aluminum toxicity find non beneficial health related issues. Many of these forms of aluminum are used to tan leather. Also do not use talc on babies it’s a form of aluminum

  6. Debi says:

    I had headaches my whole life. They got so bad with my youngest I could almost barely function. I still get them now but they are back to my old ways.

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